Technology management and control in Koliba – intelligent residence

Slovak company Domotron, s.r.o. has created an intelligent electrical system called Domotron, which is another solution for mass deployment of home automation systems based on our system Tecomat Foxtrot. One of their latest projects is the installation done in Koliba residence in Bratislava. This residence is equipped with many functions that an intelligent building should have.

Domotron handles the comfort of residents, allowing them to easily control lighting, shading, heating and air condition units. Lighting control includes switching and dimming circuits including monochrome and RGB colour LED strips that help to induce the right mood. To ensure privacy, exterior blinds installed on large glazed surfaces are controlled via a wall switch or through a web application, but at the same time they are also controlled automatically based on data received from a weather station. Thanks to this combination a pleasant thermal comfort is ensured even during hot summer days. Also season-based hot water heating system and controlled air-conditioning system ensure pleasant environment inside the building.

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