Home & Building automation system

Home & Building automation system Foxtrot enables you to control everything in your house and building that can be controlled by electric energy and simultaneously this control automated in such a way that the comfort of your living will increase significantly.

Foxtrot automates your house

Foxtrot controls your house – regulates the heating, air condition, lights, electrical devices depending upon preset program or various sensors for – sunshine, temperature, light, motion, wind, rain etc. Saves you money, time and offers you an unbelievable comfort of living.

Foxtrot is modular

You may enjoy the advantages Foxtrot brings to you in any simple configuration controlling the temperature, lights and light scenes, blinds. In the future you may simply extend  the Foxtrot program of the control of other technologies like air condition, various electrical devices and home cinema audio/video integration.

Foxtrot thinks of the future

Foxtrot lets you connect the wireless elements, therefore, anytime in the future you are not limited by wires (for example you have a new swimming pool or garage and you do not have to lead cabels). Foxtrot grows with the growth of your needs! Foxtrot saves you money now and in the future, too.

Foxtrot adapts to you

There are many ways how to control your house. Foxtrot brings them all to you. Wall switches and controllers of many various designs, mobile phone, internet, iPhone,  iPad , television. Everything is possible

Foxtrot is flexible

In the future you may simply extend your Foxtrot with many control panels, integrate new functions and technologies like home entertainment center (home cinema, music library) etc.

Foxtrot is affordable

Foxtrot, due to its favourable price, becomes a standard solution of control in new houses and, simultaneously, provides you with the highest comfort of the control.

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