Home & Building Automation System Foxtrot brings a lot of advantages for Developers ǀ Architects ǀ Real estate owners ǀ Hotels and restaurants.

For Developers

Developer companies want to build with low costs, but on the other side they want to offer cuatomers more than a standard solution. A house, building or flat, which offer its residents a hign comfort of living, security, saving of energy and operation costs, helthy living and entertainment, it is definitely more easy to sell. And more and more developers see it.

 Your developer projects you may equipped with project by various ways:

  • Demo flat/house fully equipped with system Foxtrot – show your potential customers in reality how they may live in your flat/house equipped with home automation system Foxtrot and offer it as a standard equipment.
  • Standardized solution tailor made to developer project needs – thanks to standardized solution you may get better costs and offer home automation to all your customers.
  • Home automatioon ready – prepare your project for home automation system Foxtrot (install the wires) and offer to your customers Foxtrot as an additional equipment for a comfortable and energy saving living.
  • Use system Foxtrot as Building Management System of the whole developer complex. You will reach effective control of centralized air-condition and ventillation, heating system, energy management for all flatsresidences and including central control room, so you may use Foxtrot as a complex Facility Management System.
For Investors

By using control system Tecomat Foxtrot you are getting for comfort, safety, savings, health and entertainment the best solution regarding functions, possibilities of installation and maintenance and expandability. Investment into Foxtrot is an investment to a long life cycle and time-proven system, because Foxtrot has an industrial origin, that´s why it has extremly long operation cycle and reliability. Thanks to this features you will be able to connect to Foxtrot even new technologies in the future.

For Architects

System Foxtrot gives to architects hands a perfect tool for creation of the most courageous solutions at home & building automation with no limits. With Foxtrot the architect does not need to think, if Foxtrot may meet needs of the customer, because Foxtrot may control all. Important feature for architects is independence on interior controllers and wall switches design – they may be from any manufacturer. They also appreciate wall touch displays, which may have frames in any color and even in wood, metal etc. So the interior may be harmonized with no compromize.

System Foxtrot supports creative ideas of architects also in creation of lights controlled facades, gardens, fountains or water systems. Foxtrot gives them a freedom for their ideas.

Another important feature for architects is control , monitoring and visualization of energy consumptions – facility management. In houses of flats and residentioal complexes Foxtrot may work also as a data concentrator which reads data of energy consumption of each flat and use it for an invoicing of energy consumption for each residents etc.

For Hotels and Restaurants

System Foxtrot is offten used as a complex system of lights/scenes control in restaurants or hotels. The owners are getting possibility to easy create any light scene, switching, diming and creation of color scenes thanks to RGB control of Foxtrot.

Let your guests have a comfort of control via Foxtrot. And you´ll get a perfect overview of your hotel.  Data from each rooms you may transfer to a central control and visualization in hotel reception. Of course, do not forget to connect access cards readers and control technologies automatically according to a presence or absence of your guests. In some countries, because of security reasons, Foxtrot let you get out of the hotel lift only in the floor with his room.

Thanks to using system Foxtrot as a building management system for control of heating system, air-conditioning and ventilaltion you will get reduction of operating costs and very short return of your investment.

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