Wellness Hotel *** Repiska

Wellness Hotel *** Repiska is located in Demanovska Valley in Nizke Tatry mountains next to Chopok peak. Top ski resort Jasna around and unique Demanovska Ice Cave close to the hotel make this place very attractive. 

Hotel owner – company Hornonitrianske bane Prievidza, a.s. – decided in 2020 to innovate some hotel parts, covering hotel rooms, HVAC technologies, pool and wellness technologies, access system for wellness and drinking water finishing technologies. 

As the control system for this demanding project was chosen our control system Tecomat Foxtrot, implemented by company HUMONT, s.r.o. Because of large project size, the control system consists of three central modules CP-1001, connecting and communicating each other in ethernet network.  

As main source of heating are used two 250kW boilers HOVAL connected in cascade. Foxtrot communicates with them via Modbus TCP. As back-up heating source are used three heating pumps, each 25kW. During heat distribution, system Foxtrot has to control big amount of mixing valves and pumps. Foxtrot monitors water pressure in heat distribution system and automatically refill to required value. All parameters and values are available for maintenance staff at web page control interface. Alarms from system are sending to staff by e-mails too.      

During hotel rooms refurbishment, zone heating control has been implemented. Heating in each room is controlled according to required (preset) temperature and occupancy – this way is increasing the efficiency of heating and lowering energy consumption. An important requirement for control system was 15-minutes power consumption limit control from the grid. For electric energy metering were used our bus electricity meters C-EM-0401M, which provide to Foxtrot power consumption values of every circuit and appliance. 

Hotel wellness has been innovated too. Foxtrot here controls drinking water finishing technology (filtration, chlorination, ozoning), heating the pool and whirlpool water and pumps for pool attractions. In the pool hall has been mounted TV screen, displaying all important data for guests – water temperature in pool and whirlpool, air humidity, time and outside temperature. In fittness hall there are installed temperature sensors, CO2 sensors and occupancy sensors and according to data from these sensors Foxtrot automatically controls ventilation and air heating from HVAC unit, which is connected to Foxtrot by Modbus TCP. Relaxing and sauna part of wellness has been refurbished too. Access to this part is controlled by gate. Visitors are getting contactless wristband, giving them access. According to number of people in wellness, Foxtrot controls automatically each attractions and operation cycles. 
Another important task for Foxtrot was water management system control. Hotel is located in outlying mountain area with lack of drinking water, so precise water managenet is a must. Water for the whole hotel complex is pumped from mountain creek to hotel water finishing technology room, where all finishing technology runs and after this proces the water is pumped to the water tank. The tank is monitored and in the case of level decrease, hotel staff is alarmed. 

In the conclusion we can note, that thanks to the openness of system Foxtrot and its modularity, all requirements needed by hotel owner and implemented technologies has been fulfilled. Implementing Foxtrot made noticeable energy savings, decreasing the maintenance labouriousness and mistakes and synergy of all implemented technologies. Thanks to satisfaction of owners with functionality of Foxtrot and implementation by HUMONT company, this innovation of control system is planned to their another hotels.


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