Lights and Light Scenes
  • Switch on the lights when you wish and swith them off when you forget.
  • Light scenes for various activities depending on your preset scenario, time, sun shine, your presence, etc.
Heating, Air Condition and Ventilation
  • Coordinated regulation of the heating, air condition and controlled ventillation with individual recuperation in each room.
  • Dependance on time, outside temperature, wind, air quality inside the room.
  • Brings you often up to 35% of energy savings.
Blinds and Shutters
  • Automated control according to several inputs – time, sunshine, light scene, rain etc.
  • Creation of the right light feeling ( it lets the sun in in the morning, shuts down the blinds during your absence) and increase of safety of your house.
  • Automated shutting down or up during strong wind and rain strokes or due to sun or freeze.
  • Gates, doors
  • Controls and watches if open or close and may alarm you when open.
Garden Watering
  • Irrigates your garden in accordance with the preset program.
  • Save water while raining or after rain.
Swimming Pool and Whirlpool
  • Regulation and control of the best way of heating from different sources – solar panels, heat pump, etc.
  • Control of the lights under water, creating colors, control of a pool deck.
  • Automated control (switching on and off, opening and closing the roof) depending on rain, wind, temperature, time programm.
Safety System
  • You may integrate all kinds of detectors – motion window and door contactors, broken window indicator, smoke indicator, CO2.
  • Foxtrot watches over the house and alarm you or the Guard Agency in case of an alarm.
  • Automated switch off of empty rooms, switch off of the heating while windows are open.
  • Shows you pictures on-line in your computer or cell phone.
  • In case of the alarm it saves pictures to the memory.
  • Pictures may be sent in different ways to e.g. safety agency, your notebook, mobile phone etc.
Electrical devices, sockets
  • Automated electrical appliances control via controlled socket.
  • Control of Smart Appliances by simulation of their Remote Controlers – FOXTROT sends commands depending on conditions you have preset.
  • Advantageous for activities that we may postpone to the low cost tarrifs periods.
Remote control
  • Control your house from anywhere in the world by the internet or your cell phone by SMS message.
  • In case of service work you do not need to travel back to your house. Serviceman may change confiruration or detect the defects from his office by the remote control.
Automation of Functions
  • The correct and suitable home automation gives you spare time for your family and yourself.
  • You will save money for energy becsause your house will control heating, air condition, lights and electrical devices in the most optimal way.
Connection with multimedia systems

How to control your house and building with system Foxtrot?

System Foxtrot offers a wide range of control devices and ways, how to control everything in your house and building. No matter where you are and even remotely via internet connection or SMS message. Your house may be constantly under your control.

Control Device Local control Remote control
Common wall switch  
Wall switch with micro switch  
Bus wall switches KNX or CIB  
Room control manager  
Wall touch displays  
iPad, iPhone, iPod
Smart Phones
Notebook, computer
SMS messages
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