Exceptional system

Control system Tecomat Foxtrot is on the market exceptional by combination of  centralised control system of international standard PLC (according to EN 61131), own proprietal two-wires installation bus CIB – Common Installation Bus®, integrated ethernet port, serial ports and integrated high capacity memory up to 32GB for storing of high data and user control pages.  Integrated web server and free programmable internal web pages directly connected with all measured and controlled values and variables and low energy consumption of centrale module (around 2 W) makes system Foxtrot a perfect system for smart home.

Control system Foxtrot is a tool for project designers, installation companies, integrators or computer companies, which are able with Foxtrot to create home or building automation system tailor made to any customers needs, create any logic of control, graphic design of control pages and any design of control devices from wall switches to mobile phones or tablets. They are able to control any combination of  heat sources, air-condition, photovoltaic panels, wind power plants etc.  In this is a most significant difference from all other products on the home&building automation market, because each system is oriented to more or less technologies, but for control of all technologies, other systems have to be expanded by other systems and very often it is right Foxtrot, who is expanding the other systems. Lets mention for example systems Lutron, AMX, Control4 or Cue. Some companies offer system Foxtrot as it is ansd some supply it to the market under their own brand.

System Tecomat Foxtrot has been developped so that it may be implemented by any company at any place in the world. System is made as a global product, it supports language versions, so there are references in many countries/languages and even in Hebrew.

Industrial roots, Resistance and extremely long operation cycle

The core of the system Tecomat is industrial.  System Foxtrot has been launched on the market for various fileds of automation – industrial automation, process automation, technologies automation, machines automation, transport automation, home automation and building management systems, but always as reliable industrial PLC. It means that Foxtrot is extremely reliable and proven product with exceptional long life cycle, what is a great advantage in each field of control. For instance in home automation it is a great advantage. Foxtrot with its long operation cycle exceeds systems, which do not have industrial core and are developped as a consumption electronics.

Open system

System Tecomat Foxtrot is an open system. It is an unique advantage for let´s say unlimited use for control of any technologies at any place in the world. Via integrated ethernet port there are data available through many standardized data protocols, so Foxtrot may be use even like communication and data nod and connect or control buildings or technologies on distance of thousands kilometers. That´s  why Foxtrot may control small flat or house as well as large residential complex or hotel, big office building or connect building on distance of thousands kilometers to one controlled system.

The technology, used in Foxtrot, for entrance via web pages is making Foxtrot timeless, because it ia compatible with all platforms  of personal computers, smartphones, tablets, smart TVs with web browsers etc. It works with browsers Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera Safari, operated under operation systems Windows, Linux, iOS, Android, Bada and others. Thanks to mentioned features it enables exceptional flexibility in tailor made or standardized projects and solutions in home and building automation. A trend is to integrate all individual parts and technologies in the house to one structure with possibility of remote access, control and management. Remote management is one of the most important features: customer may be sure that he will not be alone with his system in the future and system may be easy updated, expaded or changed.

System Tecomat Foxtrot is let´s say building set adjustable and expandable as a tailor made system according to each project needs by number and type of sensors and actuators or inputs and outputs both bi-statuses or continuous. By its mechanical design it is modular system and it is compatible with standardized circuit breakers on DIN rail.

Free topology of system

Connection of Foxtrot central module with other modules – peripherals may be realized by centralized wires, when all inputs and outputs are wired to one or more switching boxes (cabinets). From here are connected all control wires to each wall switxch, light, controlled socket etc. in star structure. But because system Foxtrot is a bus system, we may also realize it as a distributed system with sensors and actuators connected by 2 wires CIB bus with maximum distance up to 400 meters. The bus may be free branched and each branch need no termination. Both ways may be combined.

An integral part of system are expanding modules in design for DIN rail, built-in modules to installation box or under other device cover, modules with IP-65 protection and interior modules, especially wall switches, temperature sensors, humidity and CO2 sensors, room managers, light sensors, IR sensors for air-condition and AV systems control.

Bus and Wireless solution in one system

To central system Foxtrot we may connect both wire connected modules and wireless modules. With wireless modules we may create up to 4 wireless networks and each master of the network may be connected with up to 64 wireless modules. Wireless module may by key switch, temperature sensor, humidity and CO2 sensor, radiator valve etc. During programming or parametrizing the system we do not consider, how the module is connected (wire or wireless), we only work with their control logic and functions.

Control of the system

On system user side, Foxtrot use both wall switches and control devices connected via IP port. These may be  computer, laptop, common TV, AV multimedia system, wall touch panel or any browser in smart phone, tablet or computer.


Very important features are Foxtrots communication abilities on level of serial ports and ethernet/internet port. These communications are important for connection with other smart devices in the house like security systems (DSC, Tecnoalarm, Galaxy, Paradox), camera systems (IP cameras), access systems (door intercom, RFID readers, electronic locks Assa Abloy). For communication with heating pumps (for instance Nukleon, PZP, AC Heating, ACOND, Regulus, Neota), with gas boilers (OpenTherm), ventillation and recuperation systems, air-conditioning units (for instance LG, Samsung, CoolMaster), with light and jalousie systems (LUTRON) and also communication with home appliances ( Miele). Audio/video multimedia systems to be often connected with system Foxtrot to create united control of smart houses (Control4, AMX, Bang&Olufsen).

System Foxtrot is open enought even to connect with other systems in home automation. Let´ s mention KNX system, which may be connected with Foxtrotn and by this connection KNX system is getting all advantageous of central control, free functions and communication to external world.

Smart Metering

System Foxtrot contains also counters for reading pulses from heat consumption meters, it has internal convertors for reading smart energy meters via M-Bus, and system will be able to read even wireless meters via Wireless M-bus protocol soon. So ther user has with Foxtrot a perfect tools for effective control of energy consumption and energy savings.

Central module of system Foxtrot has integrated function of free programmable data logger, what records data of any measured values and internal statuses into internal memory. It may record even pictures from cameras and text messages (SMS). It may record event and status database. Data may be automatically recorded to external database servers.

In huge applications of Foxtrot systems we may connect each Foxtrot central modules with others by serial chanels or by ethernet. By this way we may automate builgings of any size like hotels, office buildings, residential complexes etc. Central modules in this case exchange data each other, so the whole system works as one unit, controlled from a central control room via SCADA software, for instance SCADA RELIANCE.

Programming and parametrization

The whole system Foxtrot may be free programmed according to world standard IEC-61131. It is a big advantage for both programmers and customers – users, because the user is not dependent on one implementation company, which implememnted him the system, but any time in the future the system may be re-programmed or expanded with new functions by any programmer with knowledge of PLC programming. And there is a lot of such kind of programmers in each country. Foxtrot may be also programmed remotely (there is no need to travel to place of installation) and even during operation of the system, so the user has full continuous control.

Programming tool Mosaic (own product of company Teco) is a top product in its category, which do not have competitor on domestic market and on world markets is compared with system CODESYS, used by companies like WAGO, ABB, Beckhof, EATON and others. With Mosaic may programmers work even with big training, what confirms customers in Netherland, Russia, Iran or Israel, who never meet any training for Mosaic programming.

For field of simple standard applications in home automation we do not have to programm the system, but only simply parametrize it by parametrization tool FoxTool. With FoxTool we may easy set all typical functions we need for home automation and by this way the smart homes may be implemented by common installation companies without programming knowledges.

Programming and diagnostic may be realized remotely via internet connection. This saves costs for travelling of maintenance stuff.


Thanks to its price level, system Foxtrot has become a standard in home and building automation systems with above-standard possibilities of control and living!

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