Complete control of residential house

A beautiful bungalow has been built in Bratislava, Slovak republic, during 2013 and 2014. The owner lives according to a popular citation: I have a simple taste – I am settled with the best only. This station is the first idea coming to our mind when entering the house. And immediately goes the second one – which architect´s job is that? Perfection is in all details around us. Is it possible that here live a family with a young baby?

The needs of the owner it is not only an esthetic perfection, but function too. And it was one of the reasons why he decided to equip his house by home automation system. As a technology fan he knows well his requirements and he chose our system Tecomat Foxtrot as a basic brick of software solution Domotron, implemented by company Akira Slovakia s.r.o.

The house is full of modern technologies and if they can work properly, efficient and comfortable, they need superordinate system which integrates everything and gives to the owner´s hands one interface to control all and of course, even remotely. Software solution Domotron, programmed in our software Mosaic, together with system Foxtrot bring important benefit, that all functions and settings, which may come within the life, can be changed and set by residents and users of the house without need to call (and pay) company who implemented home automation system. That´s why this is a perfect solution for all who want many home automation functions with possibility of customization and changing parameters of everything by yourself without need to contact implementation company. There is no problem for those who fear of to be lost in setting of the whole system by themselves or make a mistake. The system automatically backs up the parameters and settings each day and the user can go to a previous setting at any time.

In this house in Bratislava system Foxtrot controls following technologies:

  • lighting
  • jalousies
  • HVAC
  • watering the garden
  • access system and gates
  • security system
  • cameras
  • meteostation
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