Control of technologies in smart flat

Slovak company has created an intelligent electrical system called Domotron, which is another solution for mass deployment of home automation systems based on our system Tecomat Foxtrot.

One of their latest projects is the installation done in smart flat in Bratislava in Slovakia. This luxury equipped flat is under full control of its residents thanks to our control system. A young couple had very clear vision about their needs and requirements for design and functions in their new living. Easy control of big light circuits, LED stripes and dimming lights. Reliable control of heating system via radiators and water floor heating. And effective control of electric curtains. These and many more requirements of customer met our control system without any compromise. Residents can control all lights and light scenes via mobile app Domotron. Temperature comfort is ensured by 8 thermo valves with fluent control. And privacy of residents is ensured by time controlled electric curtains.

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