SLIM 66 catamaran control technology

In 2013, one of ten thousand Tecomat Foxtrot control systems has became the basic equipment of a Gunboat 66 class catamaran named SLIM. This happened at the shipyard in Cape Town, South Africa. SLIM 66 was here constructed for customer from USA. From there she sailed across the Atlantic to the Caribbean and has been sailing the east coast of the United States ever since. 66 feet long catamaran of the Gunboat class called SLIM has been designed for racing around the world and was custom-built in South Africa. The weight of the racing catamaran has been trimmed down to a fraction of the weight of any comparable cruising boat of similar size while preserving all stringent safety standards. In cooperation with CAPI2 Nederland BV, which fully equipped this catamaran with the necessary electrical equipment, LED lighting and pumps. Another company called B & R Design BV designed the entire control system of the boat using fixed 10” touch panel. The system may also be controlled by an iPad anywhere from the boat.

Foxtrot system was fully programmed in Holland. Shipbuilders in South Africa installed the system separately in the catamaran. After that B & R Design fine-tuned the application programme remotely via the Internet and in November 2013 she sailed under the flag of Marschall Islands from her “hometown” of Cape Town on her first six-month voyage across the Atlantic to the Caribbean and then to North America. During her first voyage and over the distance of 5,000 miles – a really remote support, six sailors including one woman, configured the last details. Foxtrot system constantly controls all technical equipment of the ship. The entire 230V power grid including appliances, winches, masts, onboard instruments and communication is controlled through a webpage. The crew is able to monitor water and fuel, including pumps from a single point. Also all the lights in the cabin and under the deck, air conditioning system, refrigerators, freezers, and special 12V sockets are under control.

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