Tecomat Foxtrot at the EXPO 2015, Milano in OEM design made for Regulus

Hot water for the Czech pavilion at the EXPO 2015 was supplied by Regulus. We are proud of the fact that Regulus
used our intelligent controller IR-30 for the management of solar panels and heat pumps. It is an an OEM version of
Tecomat Foxtrot system, for which Regulus created its own software dealing with a wide range of heating schemes.

The EXPO 2015 fair was held from May to October 2015 in Milan, Italy. The focus was on key issues such as a sustainable development including global opportunities for presentations and comparison between traditional and
innovative practices used in the food production and cultivation. The main ideas dealt with an important question
how to make sure that all inhabitants of the planet have enough high-quality foods and drinking water.

The Czech National Pavilion at the EXPO 2015 in Milan was a modular building made by a Czech company
called KOMA MODULAR located in Vizovice in accordance with the design created by an architectural studio
CHYBÍK + KRISTOF Associated Architects.

On 16 June, Teco actively participated during the event called the Day of Czech Water Treatment Technologies which was organized by the Czech Embassy in Rome along with the CzechTrade office in Milan and also in cooperation with the Czech Water Alliance, where Teco is a member.

Further, at the EXPO 2015 Teco was also involved as a subcontractor in the delivery of the IR-30 system (OEM
version of the central Tecomat Foxtrot module) for Regulus, which installed an economically efficient and environmentally friendly water heating system for the entire Czech Pavilion utilizing thermal solar panels combined with a heat pump. More information available at the Regulus website – www.regulus.cz.

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