Control and management of the family residence and surrounding buildings - Poznań, Poland

Extensive smart home system includes control from the house entrance to the private wellness. A total of 7 Tecomat Foxtrot units operate the entrance gates, the main house with ground floor, first floor, home spa and cinema, but also the beach house and horse stables.

CP-1001 and CP-1000 units actively and mutually communicate via a local area network (LAN). Most of the light sources are controlled via the DALI bus, 90 % of the light fittings are dimmable. Integration with the building management system (BMS) server via the ModBus TCP/IP bus.

Implemented by iQ BMS, our distributor in Poland in 2021.

Control system

  • control of: lighting, heating, air conditioning units, blinds, outdoor lighting, park, driveways, RGB light scenes in the pool area
  • global scenes and functions on the whole: "party", "night", "day"
  • local macro functions

On every single floor, it is thus possible to switch the lights on the staircases, in the corridors or to control the outdoor lighting.

Wall switches

The most of used switches are modern glass touch switches with RGB backlight and integrated LCD display. Switches are able to display the local temperature in individual zones, outdoor temperature, air humidity or air quality using CO2 sensors.

Velux skylights are also controlled using wall switches; e.g. both blinds and windows can be controlled using the touch wall switch.

Touch panels (iPads)

10 independent profiles of the iFoxtrot application are linked to 10 independent iPads. iPads allow to control only the selected zone (the touch panel built in one guest room is not allowed to control the other room, etc.). iPads can also be removed and re-stored in the iRoom automatic docking station built in the wall.

Room access management

Access to the technical rooms, server room, fitness, spa, etc. is enabled through PIN codes entered via touch switches´ keyboards or through RFID tags. The client can set everything, change codes, assign access to selected zones, etc. in the user interface (via an internet browser).

Building Management System

One of the profiles of the iFoxtrot application is BMS, in which the user finds out the electricity production update coming from the several photovoltaic power plants. Furthermore, update of heat pumps, water quality parameters, pool filtration update and much more.

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