Abu Dhabi
Monitoring the functionality of the Digifort VMS system

Realization: PON Systems, Abu Dhabi

The Tecomat Foxtrot control system monitors the function of the Digifort VMS system and issues a warning in the event of a fault.

System structure

The monitoring system installed in this project consists of 3 Digifort VMS management servers and 135 cameras with the following structure:

 Server (1): online server for monitoring and recording 66 cameras.

 Server (2): online server for monitoring and recording 69 cameras.

Server (3): is configured as a backup for the first and second server. It is online in the event of any other server failure.

The basis of this system is a PLC Foxtrot CP-1000 and a CIB output module C-OR-0008M. Foxtrot is connected to the same network as the monitoring server. Thanks to the API available from the Digifort system, the Foxtrot system can control several parameters throughout the system. Thanks to the HTTP protocol, which is used to query the required parameters of the Digifort system, Tecomat Foxtrot evaluates the following situations:

1. Working status of each server (1, 2, 3)

2. Failure of any camera

3. The overall state of services in the event of a failure of all servers

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