Parking and access control in residential complex Tichin and fitness center Wellnes


In city of Ekaterinburg at Ural region in Russia, our control system Tecomat Foxtrot has been implemented to control parking access in residential complex Tichin and fitness center Wellness. Implementation of the system has been done by our local partner and distributor for Ural region – company Teritoria Kontrolja.

Requirements for the control system:

  • Cars management at entry and exit of parking lots.
  • Allowing of entry and passing fittness center visitors to residential part of parking lots in the case of payment and required documents having only.
  • Control of safe exit from “blind zone” of parking lots for fitness center.
  • Warning security guards in the case of unauthorised entry of person from wellness center.
  • Monitoring, data storage and control of parking process in real time by security guard from control room.


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