Control of a shooting range at the police academy

In 2014 our Dutch partner and distributor B & R Design was asked to create a central control system for a new police shooting range. The building of the shooting range was under a reconstruction and its inner layout was designed for special police force and armed force training. These training facilities are very realistic and teams use real weapons and live ammunition. Originally, the customer was considering a solution based on the KNX system, but when he found that using a solution built on our freely programmable Tecomat Foxtrot system will offer more features and options, the decision to build the entire system on Foxtrot was made. Mainly, because Foxtrot does not require a separate visualization on PC and Smart Web interface. Plus Foxtrot could be used to control other technologies in the shooting range building such as lighting, blinds, CCTV, displays and ventilation.

Using an iPad the customer may activate different scenes and monitor all functions and cameras. The training area is made of massive reinforced concrete walls and bulletproof glass, so we only hope that the control system will not be damaged during training. Following the application of the control system in the training area – a labyrinth, a question
arose whether Foxtrot would be able to control 100 meters long police shooting ranges. The shooting range was designed for police and special armed forces training using live ammunition. The original building was built during the seventies and a 3-meter distribution cabinet fully loaded with relays handled and controlled moving targets. During the nineties the system was equipped with PC running Windows operating system, but this system no longer worked.

After examining the original drawings and original documentation it was decided to create a new control system based on Tecomat Foxtrot. The original 3-meter tall distribution cabinet was replaced with a small switchboard with integrated touch screen control panel. The system may be controlled with buttons or through the touch screen on the switchboard. In addition, instructors may control the system using two wireless remote controllers and initiate various scenes. Thanks to the internal Foxtrot website the entire system may also be controlled with an iPad. Further, the system also controls lights and air conditioning. The lighting system is composed of a series of exterior and interior lights with different colour temperatures. Thanks Foxtrot the user can generate various lighting scenes and simulate real situations suitable for shooting.

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