Control of fire brigade trucks “Port of Rotterdam”

An interesting reference has been implemented thanks to our distributor in the Netherlands, company B&R design BV. Together with company Cosmo Truck they have created a solution for control and monitoring of new commander trucks for Fire Brigade „Port of Rotterdam“.

They deliver them three special DAF trucks, two of them equipped by all necessary communication technologies and the third one equipped by device for meeting of all security and risqué section commanders. These trucks to be used in the case of emergency in area of large Port of Rotterdam and provides the base with all communication
and technology services for Fire brigade, Police, Medical services and Port operation services. This mobile commander center enables centralization and control of all risqué operations.

In each truck there is used 42 sensors, who Foxtrot uses for monitoring of truck status or better say – all moving antennas, satellite antennas, doors, stairs, storage spaces. Only when all the sensors are in the required position, the commander truck is ready to action. Besides monitoring Foxtrot here controls climate, back-up power Victron UPS, generator Fischer Panda and access control with IP cameras and fuel tank monitoring.

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