Audio/Video systems control in churches

Control system Tecomat Foxtrot conquers churches in Holland. In hands of our distributor in the Netherlands, there has been done an interesting solution, where Foxtrot is a base of the platform for complex control of audio and video systems with user friendly web interface. By this way there is wireless controlled a lot of devices without need of expensive wireless controllers. TCP/IP and RS232 ports of Foxtrot controls LED televisions, PTZ cameras, audio and video mixers and other devices. For control of wireless devices Global Cache iTach it is advantageous connection
to TCP/IP port, where they may send commands from three various outputs.

This interesting solution gets uses in the Netherlands in churches, where are systems with HD video mixers, PTZ HD cameras, LED screens a cameras. All these devices need extremely easy control, because they are operates by volunteers. For creating of such system it is good to use central module Foxtrot CP-1016. All songs, Bible verses, songs, presentation and live cameras are broadcasted to internet.

Technically explained – cameras are connected to HD video mixer and after processing the image is transmitted to displays and other devices. Application contains master control web page for on/off of all devices by the only click thanks to internal macro function. For control of cameras and video mixer we have possibility of manual or semi-automated control. Application controlled by web page runs at iPad and iPad mini and may be controlled by volunteers at any position in the church.

System has been implemented in the Netherlands in many churches, let´s mention churches in cities Vriezenveen, Gramsbergen, Piershil. And there are others under preparation. We are sure that this interesting solution will succeed at another fields.

This interesting solution with Foxtrot has been created by our Netherland distributor company B&R Design B. V.

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