North Moravia
Czech Republic
Luxury villa in North Moravia – building technologies control

In 2020, in North Moravia, Czech Republic, has been finished new luxury villa construction for demanding customer. Our control system Tecomat Foxtrot, implemented by our customer Micronic Přerov s.r.o. is the heart and brain of all used technologies.

The construction begun in spring of 2019 and Micronic was the supplier of all electrical works – project designing and consulting, wiring, building automation system and integration with other systems and multimedia AV system Control4.  

The villa is large, luxury and equipped by all latest technologies, which are integrated into one compact system – Tecomat Foxtrot.
The basis of the hardware part is central module of system Tecomat Foxtrot CP-1001. This unit is controlling via three bus masters CF-1141 the communication with all peripheral units and wall devices connected to 8 branches of CIB instalaltion bus. The module controls boiler room and all technologies.

The second central module is CP-2000, which contains user control, visualization of user settings, installer settings and user interface: interior control, lighting, shading, all automated scenarios, wall devices settings and communication with multimedia AV system Control4. 
These central modules communicate each other via network channel PLCx.

Controlled technologies:

  • Heat pump
  • Heat recovery unit
  • Heat distribution within the building
  • Pool technologies
  • Sauna technologies
  • Air recuperation unit ATREA RD5
  • HVAC unit Zehnder
  • Air-conditioning unit Samsung
  • Electricity supply back-up:
    • Photovoltaic panels 10kWp with back-up batteries 16,8kWh
    • Diesel generator 20kVA 
    • Energy monitoring system
    • Energy optimization system
  • Water management system:
    • Water level management of water tanks with connection to rain water and water supply from well or municipality supply pipeline
    • Automated and optimized garden watering
    • Press drain water system
  • Security system 

Heating and cooling of the house is optimized in synergy with other building technologies. Heating system consists from warm water in floor and eletrical mats in bathrooms. In the house are installed electrical heated windowsills and electrical heating ladders in bathrooms. 

Cooling of the house consists from 10 air conditioning units Samsung, integrated with outside window screens. Inclined road to garage and pavement is heated and controlled automatically by system too.

The house is equipped by:

  • About 200 lighting circuits – switched and dimmable
  • More than 30 sensors, giving data for full automated control of the house, including sound system control
  • More than 50 shading elements on windows, pergolas and slats on terraces
  • Few garage doors, moving gates and doors
  • 50 heating circuits
  • More than 100 wall control devices and glass touch devices Touch@Glass
  • 6 touch panels Control4 and new Control4 product – remote controller NEO

Multimedia AV system connecting and controlling all audio/video inputs and output is Control4. It contains 26 audio and 7 video zones, which can be combined. Input signals are TV and satellite broadcasting, internet radios, multimedia players and streaming services. It combines camera system and intercom. All these multimedia functions are integrated with home scenarious and other technologies.

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