Czech Republic
Complex management of technologies in WOMBAT office building


WOMBAT, s. r. o. focuses on special remediation technologies used for pipelines, trenchless technology and operates throughout the Czech Republic. When building this new project, WOMBAT specified the need to have fully automated operation of this new office building together with remote administration/management (multi-level control including partial control of tenant heating systems, for example).

Our Tecomat Foxtrot system was installed in this building by ELEKTRIKA BRNO, s. r. o., and RAMECO.CZ. The system is based on a pair of Tecomat Foxtrot CP-1000 units.

Foxtrot system controls the following technologies:

  • Lighting of the building (58 rooms + garage hall)
  • Heating system,
  • Shading,
  • Ventilation,
  • Building access system (RFID chips + PINs)
  • EPS
  • And others – for example, waste sump status monitoring, remote meter readouts or even the access of selected persons to the coffee machine located in kitchen based on their RFID/PIN…


The application is visualized through integrated Web server in the central unit, and may be accessed remotely by the building manager and tenants. Web servers in the PLC visualize lighting floor plans, heating, ventilation, access control system, EPS, utility media readouts (electric meter, sump level, etc.).


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