Old-timer Vehicle Museum lighting system control

Oldtimer Vehicle Museum in the Hungarian town of Kiskőrös was established with the aim to perform professional repairs, renovations and sales of historical vehicles. The exhibition area of the museum building includes 32 separate lighting circuits, which would make traditional control of the lighting system using switches quite difficult.

The intention was to use Tecomat Foxtrot control system and to create a single, user-friendly operator interface through which employees could control individual circuits, groups of lights and lighting scenes. The control interface is designed as a webpage stored in the central unit, allowing employees to access and control the system via a touch panel, tablet or PC.

In addition to interior lighting, Foxtrot also controls decorative RGB LED strips on the facade of the museum, which creates a dusk-to-dawn light show.

Implementation of Tecomat Foxtrot system was performed in 2013 by our former Hungarian partner and today the distributor of our systems today in Hungary, by Szinusz Épületautomatika Kft.

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