Control system of Sunhouse project

Sunhouse project – unconventional modern art in the middle of Hungary

Interesting references of control system Tecomat Foxtrot we may find also in Hungary, where is very active our Hungarian distributor – company Home Intelligent System Ltd. (HIS) with its director Mr. Tibor Makos. He evaluates his 7 years experience in Home Automation business. Thanks to his practical experience from implementation and programming of control systems HIS is strongly supporting all integrators who implement Tecomat Foxtrot in Hungary.

Sunhouse project, interesting house from architect and energy point of view, has been implemented by company MODO Group Ltd. with support by HIS.

MODO Group has interesting attitude: „We believe that by preciese project designing and efficient constructing and scheduling we are able to save customers costs for house construction. And thanks to this, customers may use saved costs for effective and comfortable home automation system, what gives them guarancy of energy cost-saving operation of the house for the future.”

Control system

In the house, there is implemented control system Tecomat Foxtrot with central module CP-1004, controlling the following technologies:

  • Lighting control
  • Shading control
  • Ventilation control and recuperation
  • Heat pump
  • Floor heating
  • DSC alarm system

Wall switches are used in design Logus90.


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