Beskydy Mountains
Czech Republic
Control system of family house


During 2013 and 2014, a new modern house has been grown up in the heart of beautiful mountains, combining modern and traditional natural materials.

The owner of the house understood, that integration of all house technologies of the house into the only one -Foxtrot, is the best way to have comfortable and energy saving control of the house operation.

The integration in this house means control system of heating/air-conditioning, consisting of hot water floor heating, ceiling heating/air-conditioning and heating ladders. Hot water for the system is supplied by heating pump. Cold water for ceiling air-conditioning is pumped from underground drilling. There is integrated also security system, outside jalousies and blinds etc.

Control system

For control and integration of all partial systems and technologies has been chosen our control system Tecomat Foxtrot with central module CP-1000 and peripheral modules of CFox line on CIB bus. For interior wall switch modules has been chosen switches of Gira System55.

Into the central module CP-1000 there is connected mini PC NUC, who provides data to Reliance 4 Smart Client module. The user can access to it via iPad and iPhone. Thanks to this, user may control and visualize each technology and set its parameters in graphic user friendly interface. The access to the house is possible, of course, via internet and intranet.


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