Czech Republic
Control system for Chateau Pacov

Chateau Pacov is originally a castle founded in 13th century, during 16th century rebuilt to a chateau under the reign of Robmhaps of Sucha. In 60th of 19th century, a part of chateau was used as a school and a flat for teachers. Here, on 26th February 1864, a famous poet Antonin Sova was born in a family of local teacher Jan Sova. This is mentioned by a small memorial from J.V. Dusek. The chateau was to May 1945 owned by the family Weiss von Tessbach, then has been nationalized and in 1947 was occupied by military garrison. The army left this chateau in 1992 and in 1997 it was transferred into ownership of City of Pacov. Then, the chateau was reconstructed and at present here are located Municipal Authority of Pacov, Antonin Sova City Museum, Municipal Library and Information Center.

In this chateau system Foxtrot controls a complete system of heating, lighting of cabinets in museum, lighting of City Hall and ventilation system in City Hall.

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