Control of technologies in shopping center „Garage“ – Lviv, Ukraine

In Ukraine city Lviv in shopping center Garage was by our local partner – company „SAKS“ Lviv implemented our control system Tecomat Foxtrot for control of heating, lighting, ventilation, air-conditioning and hot water producing. The requirement for using our system was optimization of energy consumption of the buiding.

Describtion of the automated solution:

  • Monitoring of safe operation of following devices – gas boilers, pumps, ventilation and air-conditioning units, electric boilers, valves and security systems.
  • Remote control (switch on/off) heat circuits, setting of temperature and time modes and scenarios of each heat circuit.
  • Alarm reporting to operation manager.
  • Storing all measured values and statuses to datalogger.
  • Visualization of principle diagrams of technologies at user interface web pages. At these pages they can analyse statuses of technologies, switch on/off each device and technology and run diagnostics and service maintenance.
  • Simulation of technologies in automated and manual mode.
  • Because of economy and time saving requirements for controlled heat medium, there is implemented remote control of all processes by operation managers and maintenance service.

The project was implemented by Taras Tchuma, company „SAKS“ Lviv, .

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