Complete control system of the luxury family house


Modern house with sandstone tiled facade with cedar wood and titan-zinc accessory. The view of the house from driveway is inconspicuous. Youcan pass by and miss it, but if you come inside you will be amazed. “The house was a real challenge, exceptional, but complicated land and against this really generous clients requirements,” says architect Rostislav Jakubecfrom the company ATX Architects. Process of birth “At the beginning of designing, the most important for us is to find out why the client actually wants to create a house and what is expected from the result,” says Mr. Jakubec. With the standard things the architect can advise.”We are interested in unusual things, for example, I would love to haveroom for design railing ‘or’ I wish to have a giant aquarium.” Then we usually create several options for the client that verify the possibilities of use of the given space,explains the architect. In this case we discussed the project rather shortly, a couple of months, says architect Jakubec. The most important things to be discussed are the look of the house and technologies of user interface.

  • interior lighting (wall switch buttons, motion detectors)
  • exterior lightings (according to sunrise and sunset)
  • exterior blinds, pool cover
  • floor heating
  • air-conditioning units
  • dew point monitoring in rooms
  • ventilation of residential rooms
  • ventilation of pool hall (communication on MODBUS)
  • integration of safety security system with unit Paradox EVO (communication on RS232)
  • well water level monitoring
  • error status monitoring of heat pump, vantilation system, CIB units
  • data from control system are transferred by EPSNET to the system inHome, that provides visualization and control with iPAd tablet, and provides audio/video signal distribution
  • data from control system are transferred by OPC server Teco into the SCADA system PULSE, this allows object management for complete building monitoring

The control system of the building has been designed by these companies:

Insight Home, a.s.: inHome system, Audio/Video technologies.
GEOVAP spol. s r.o.: delivery of hardware control system, control system application software.
AFCON POWER & AUTOMATION s.r.o: project documentation, electro assembly

The whole reference is available in Czech language in the magazine Domy a bydleni (Houses and living) you may also read it at the server of the company.

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