Showroom apartment

Our authorized distributor in Poland, iQ BMS (www.iqbms.pl) has built 2 model apartments equipped with the Tecomat Foxtrot control system in the Polish city of Wrzesnia, presenting options in real spaces. At the same time, Foxtrot also manages the adjacent technical areas and warehouses.

Those interested in intelligent apartment can not only visit the apartments, but also rent them and test them in real life. "Cashback" is available for those who subsequently order the implementation of the system. 

Three control units are used in the complex: CP-2000, CP-1001 and CP-1000. 

Controlled and integrated technologies:

  • Heating
  • Air conditioning (Gree, via Home bridge to Apple kit)
  • Lighting
  • iRobot rombo (via Home bridge to Apple kit)
  • Sony TV (via Home bridge to Apple kit)
  • Door locks (GERDA TEEDEE, via Home bridge to Apple kit)
  • HIKVISION monitoring (via Home bridge to Apple kit) 

In addition, automatic opening of the garage doors to the underground garages of the building by ringing the authorized numbers of the apartment owners or via SMS thanks to GSM communication and the UC-1205 SMS gateway module has been created in the entire building for all 45 apartment and apartment owners. Changes to numbers and their management are possible at any time via the web interface by the object administrator. The GSM gateway also provides an alarm function and detection of the status of selected apartments. One GSM gateway is used for all 3 central modules.

Various types of switches are used in the model apartments, from classic to bus micro-buttons to luxurious touch controllers of the Touch@Glass series. Furthermore, it is possible to control iPads with the iFoxtrot application, which are placed in built-in design holders that can be removed and taken anywhere. 

More information about this project and possible arrangements for a tour of it can be found at www.apartamentopieszyn.pl.

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