Control of technologies in a luxury residence

Luxury and large summer residence on Corfu island was completely renovated during 2013-2014. Beside of other things, the technical background and technologies were renovated too. The requirement of customer was to complete integration of all technologies  with one user interface and easy intuitive control.

System Tecomat Foxtrot here controls and integrates followoing technologies:

  • Outside lighting control, garden zones according to time of sunrise and sunset.
  • Inside lighting control by wall switches and from user interface.
  • Control of hot water produced by solar panels and boilers, for residence and for pool.
  • Control of floor heating and HVAC in bathrooms and apartaments for guests.
  • Integration of Mitsubishi Electric air-conditioning units with data from security system pardox.
  • Monitoring of electricity consumption of the residence and of the back up electricity generator.

Thanks to a large range of control, the control system was separeted into few operation parts. Each part consists of one central module of system Tecomat Foxtrot and some peripheral modules. Central modules are connected by network PLCNet. Individual graphic user interface is created in SCADA system Reliance 4.

The solution is giving operation manager of the residence a complex overview of all used technologies including alarm reports. Of course, the control of all technologies is possible via smart phone, tablet or PC.

Example of visualization screens:

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