Control of lights in Liberty Technology Park – Cluj

Liberty Technology Park in Cluj in Romania is the first technology park to be built in Romania. At an area of 47,000 square meters here arise 8 modern buildings, where headquarters of R&D and IT companies and technical brains concentrates. The first part of the project has already been opened and the next ones are under construction.

System Tecomat Foxtrot has been implemented in this nice project to control light systems in large area office spaces. Light control is operated from touch panels ID-18. The basic function is automated light control according to the light intensity read by light intensity sensor C-RI-0401R. Foxtrot control lights to a constant value of the luminosity, which is determined by a standard. All lights are controlled by DALI bus.

An area of each office space is divided into few sectors and the lights above each sector are controlled independently from touch panel. So a group of the lights above not used office space sector may be switched off. Foxtrot here monitors heating system as well. Thermostats for local control for this moment are connected via Modbus RTU. Another part of the project is monitoring of electric energy consumption. Controlled by Foxtrot, of course.

The project has been implemented by our distributor in Romania, company BMS Automatizări Clădiri SRL.

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