Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Dream apartment - Jeddah

A new apartment located in Jeddah - KSA is aquipped by our control system Tecomat Foxtrot.
It is a large apartment overlooking the sea consisting of four main rooms in addition to the kitchen, master, majles, entrance, dining and service rooms. 

Our engineering office in Dubai - TECO M.E  -provided full controlling of the functions in it like: lighting, FCU controlling, CCTV, outlets controlling and curtains. All of those automated systems provide comfortable control for the user in the daily life.

Home without switches

This apartment is unique and different from its counterparts, because in short it does not contain any switches, except for those responsible for controlling the curtains. As for the rest of the controlling functions, they are controlled by HMI screens installed on the wall and distributed throughout the apartment. We make the difference and produce solutions out of the ordinary.

Control System


The user can control the lights in simple way just by click on the icons on the HMI screen by his phone/tablet. Simply he can control the lighting to suit his desire, whether inside or outside the home. Simplicity, ease, effectiveness is our motto. 

We did not stop here, but now the user can, when activating the automatic mode, and using the motion sensor, the lighting will be turned on automatically when entering the room.

CCTV system

In this apartment there are 3 cameras, our system integrated with Digifort to provide remotely monitoring of those cameras. Keeping your eyes on your home will make you more secured. DIGIFORT stands for ‘Digital Fortress’ and it’s an IP surveillance and Management software purposely developed to offer a new level of CCTV control & analysis.

Fan-coil unites

Controlling the temperature in the room and maintaining the appropriate temperature is one of the most necessary and urgent matters in every home, especially in these desert areas. High temperature affects the psyche of the user. Therefore, and by relying on our system, we were able to produce a solution to control the temperature in the rooms to maintain the temperature determined by the user.


Bright sunlight, heat outside, intruding neighbors, all of these things can be avoided by curtains. What do you think that you are able to control it with your phone/tablet, whether you are inside or outside the house? This is what was done in this project. The curtains were controlled in cooperation with Somfy wirelessly through our simple interfaces, which display the status of the curtains.

Voice commands

We believe that creativity and excellence have no limits so we always strive to provide innovative solutions. Control using voice commands in both Arabic and English. We designed voice control to control the various systems mentioned above.

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