Control of technologies in a luxury villa

In Damascus, there is a luxury villa with 4 floors, several bedrooms, two large lounges, indoor and outdoor pools and a large garden. The Tecomat Foxtrot control system controls all technologies in this villa - lighting, blinds, underfloor heating, ventilation and also pool technology.

Lighting: in the villa there are many lights, grouped technologically into different circuits. It was therefore easy for the Foxtrot system to set up different types of light scenes, which can be controlled by wireless controllers, touch wall controllers or with the help of a phone or tablet.

Underfloor heating: each room is an independent zone from the point of view of heating, from which the sensors read information about the current temperature and compare it with the required temperature set by the owner of the villa. Thanks to the Tecomat Foxtrot system, it also has the option of switching the heating on or off in the individual floors of the villa.

Blinds: On hot summer days, the blinds provide an opportunity to reduce the temperature inside the villa. The Foxtrot system allows the control of individual blinds throughout the villa. However, the owner also has the option of controlling multiple blinds at once, for example on the entire floor.

Pools and Jacuzzi: Foxtrot allows the owner to monitor and set the desired temperature water in the pools and control the pool lighting. It also allows you to control the outdoor ornamental waterfall and hot tub.

Ventilation in the garage: Inside the garage there are three exhaust valves and two sensors for the presence of carbon monoxide. When its quantity exceeds the set limit, the valves open and close again when normal values ​​are reached.

Monitoring the water and fuel supply in the tanks: The Foxtrot system in the villa also evaluates the fluid supply in the water and fuel tanks. When their level drops below 20 % of the specified capacity, the owner of the villa will be notified. The system also detects any unwanted fluid leakage from the tanks.




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