Heating system control and integration with Lutron system

Company ELPRAMO s.r.o. in cooperation with company KD Elektronika s.r.o. implemented our control system Tecomat Foxtrot for effective heating control in residential house in Munchen, Germany, where it is also integrated with system Lutron, which controls lights and jalousies.

System Foxtrot here directly controls 35 CIB thermo valves and is integrated with lights and jalousies control system Lutron. Thanks to this integration, users of this house got one interface to control of all these technologies by Lutron wall switches and devices.

Room thermostat in design Lutron with integrated CIB bus is giving the residents one interface to all technologies controlled by Lutron and Foxtrot.

Lutron is an american control system specialised in light and jalousie control. Our control system Foxtrot thanks to its complexness can complete Lutron with a lot of other technologies which customers need to control.

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