Family house heating system control

Our system Tecomat Foxtrot is used here in the interesting solution provided by company Ritop s.r.o., which represents a controlled heat transfer stations Ritbox. Ritbox is a preassembled and intelligently controlled heating station allowing quick and easy installation.

The entire system is controlled by Tecomat Foxtrot equipped with CP-1016 control unit. This particular project was done in Astana, Kazakhstan and the actual installation was carried out by Aquatherm nc group.

Control and system characteristics:

  • oil boiler
  • three independent heating circuits,
  • weather-compensated heating system,
  • weekly time schedule,
  • solar panels for water heating
  • pool heating,
  • connection to local WiFi,
  • remote monitoring, configuration and service via the Internet,
  • heat produced by the exchange station including control of individual circuits,
  • PID control,
  • hot water boiler control,
  • boiler control (On/Off),
  • temperature control in individual rooms,
  • Internet remote control via Tecoroute
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