In the new online graphic configurator of our Touch@Glass series wall switches, you can design the entire switch yourself and immediately see its appearance.

What can you choose?

  1. module shape (single-module, 2-module, 3-module, 4-module and square/rectangle variant)
  2. module orientation - landscape, portrait
  3. background on glass - selection from collections or the option to supply graphics of your own background (as an attachment when sending an inquiry)
  4. size and color of icons / texts
  5. type of glass - smooth / with depressions
  6. icon design - for each control position, you can choose an icon from the icon library, you can also add text
  7. display color (blue / white)
  8. type of module (regular, RFID reader, CO2 sensor)

You can then save the created graphic design to your computer, share it (e.g. as an attachment to your order) and send it directly to us. After shipping, our merchant will send you the price of the controller in your price range. You can also find the prices of all Touch@Glass variants in our price list. If you do not have it available, request it from our dealers. After you send an inquiry and then order a Touch&Glass controller, the final graphic design is approved and the controllers are manufactured for you.

Working with the configurator is simple, intuitive and you can immediately see the result of your creation. If you need any help with its use, please contact our sales representatives.

You can find the configurator directly on the website You can download the catalog of Touch@Glass switches here.








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