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    What benefits Foxtrot brings to you?

    Home & Building automation system Foxtrot enables you to control everything in your house and building from any place there!

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    Our tradition began in 1919 and our systems have been working in more than 50 countries worldwide

    Home & Building automation system Foxtrot enables you to control everything in your house and building from any place there

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    Our systems control building of Czech heritage – Karlstejn Castle

    As well as thousands of residential houses, buildings, hotels and administrative centers in many countries worldwide

Advantages of system Foxtrot

Automation  of many functions gives you a lot of time for your free-time activities so you do not have to watch what is on or off .  Controllers and switches in your house may be set so, that only one button press will activate many functions. For instance, pressing the button at your door may set the house to the offline mode. It means that it switches the lights off, decreases the temperature, switches on the alarm. And also, the other way round, you may wake up your house again.

Interesting possibility is switch on various scenes by pressing the button. One push may shut the blinds, set the pleasure lights and switch the TV on.

Touch Panels let you watch and control all functions in your house comfortably from one place. You may see the state of any device, temperature in every room, watch the visitor in front of your gate or what is happening in the children´s room.  All that you can not only you see but also control by one touch on the panel. You may use more than one panel in your house. They are elegant and you can see and control thanks to them all you need.


Use your TV for watching your whole house and also for controlling it. Your TV is another control panel with perfect view of all informations. Switch your TV remote control to Foxtrot channel and enjoy your new controlling and vision center of your house.

Would you like to see what is happening in your house or controll your house from anywhere in the world? Foxtrot enables you to do that. You can view and control your house from your house website anywhere via your laptop, iPad, iPhone or computer in the internet caffe while traveling around the world.


Foxtrot takes care of your safety. Foxtrot watches over your house with many sensors. In case of en alarm Foxtrot may send alarm SMS to your cell phone, send a message to the Guard Agency and switch on the camera recording. It may also switch on all lights and sound alarm.

When you are away, Foxtrot switch off all appliances and save your costs for electricity and protect your devices.

Fire sensors may switch on the fire alarm and switch off all electrical devices. And, of course, they will alarm you. CO2 sensors may switch on the ventilation or recuperation so you have fresh air all day long. Camera allows you to watch your sleeping children while visiting your friends.


Connect the Foxtrot with your Home Entertainment Systems (Home Theatre, multimedia center) and control both – your house and home entertainment.

Foxtrot system creates open platform for todays and future systems and technologies. Thanks to full intergartion of ethernet and internet technologies you may run in one net and in one or more televisions the Foxtrot system and multimedia systems and connect them together. Control4, Bang&Olufsen, Cue and AMX systems are integrated standardly, others can be integrated according to the order.

Music and movies in every room 

Enjoy your songs library in your house anywhere you place speakers. Choosing your favourite song is matter of one button press. Choosing the movie for tonight is a fun. No rush and search for lost DVD´s . Control all your photo libraries and look at them everywhere. 


Foxtrot may throught the CO2 sensors watch quality of the air in rooms and control ventilation in the house. So you breath fresh and healthy air all day long. Even fire place in living room doesn´t take your fresh air away.

Forget being tired, forget your headache – these may come to you if you stay longer in rooms without fresh air. Foxtrot lets you live healthy all your life.



Foxtrot enables you to save up to 3O% of costs for energy by optimal regulation of heating, air condition, ventilation, electrical devices and lights.

Foxtrot lets you set for every single room a specific temperature within optional time programs. The system may  react to signals from meteostation – e.g. strong wind makes your house colder thus the system can set the heating accordingly. In summertime, Foxtrot perfectly controls the air conditioning.

Foxtrot may control also the heat pump together with recuperation unit and ventilation. You have both – temperature comfort and fresh air. Foxtrot can switch on or control devices depending on low cost tarrifs, so you consume the electricity in the period when it is cheepest. While you are out of the house, Foxtrot sets the house to off-line mode so, that electrical devices have no consuption of electricity. Forget thinking of you switching off everything you have to.


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